We’ve all had an injury or pain arise and are not sure what we should do or who we should see.
Do you see if it gets better on its own? Ask your GP? Get a massage or does it need attention from a Physiotherapist?
Firstly, how much pain are you in and is it persistent? Most people know how bad their pain is. A severe pain which is persistent and you find you can hardly move, should require a Physio.
However, if your pain comes and goes and is less severe, possibly feeling like an aching or tight muscle, gets worse with certain movements or positions, this is where massage can really help.
A Remedial Massage Therapist typically works within the scope of muscular pain and is very effective in relieving these complaints.
Our skilled Massage therapists have years of experience working alongside physiotherapists and are effective in knowing when to refer for more complex treatment.
Michelle Fleming, Dip RmT