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Here at Scarborough Physio and Health our team love helping people with disabilities. We love helping you because we can see how just a little bit of help can make a massive difference to your life.

Many of our clients with life long disabilities have applied and been deemed eligible for funding and packages to help them under the NDIS.

You can apply for the NDIS if you are aged under 65 and you have a disability that will affect you for your whole life.

For years our clients with disabilities have had to “pay their own way” so to speak.  Now with NDIS packages and funding they have more choice and can access a wide range of services here at our clinic.

* We are not yet registered to see NDIA managed clients.


We genuinely care about your goals in life and we want to help you get back to living a great life as soon as possible. MORE INFO

Sports Physio

We know that when you are injured how frustrating it can be. When you see one of our physios we will help you get to the bottom of your injury, not just treat the symptoms.. MORE INFO


Here at Scarborough Physio you can book a massage any day of the week from Monday to Saturday, and we also do early morning and late afternoon appointments for busy people.MORE INFO


Sarah offers reformer Pilates 1-on-1, using the latest technology, equipment and training.MORE INFO

NDIS Services

As an NDIS client you will receive a blue ribbon service which can include consultations with any of our physio team based on their special area of skill and interest, traditional hands on physio, and exercise based rehab led by your physio. MORE INFO

Clinical Psychology

Adrian is an expert Clinical Psychologist who is always on time! MORE INFO


Sonia is a caring and compassionate General Psychologist who will support you MORE INFO

Here are some of the disabilities we can help you with.

  • Congenital disabilities (disabilities you are born with, for example cerebral palsea)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Strokes
  • Limb amputations
  • Neurological conditions
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Spina bifida
  • Any disability which affects your ability to walk and be mobile

If your disability is not on this list there is a high chance we can help you so please just call us.

We are able to see you if you are:

  • Self managed
  • Plan managed

We are not yet registered to see NDIA managed clients.

Our NDIS clients range from age 15 to age 65.

Who can refer?

We accept referrals from:

  • You, the client
  • Plan managers
  • Medical professionals
  • Family members of the person with the disability

Darren’s story

When I first met Darren his Mum told me that when he was born, his doctors told her that he would never walk or talk. Darren was born with a rare genetic condition that affected his body and mind. I have known him for 10 years and before he was able to access to NDIS I would see him for a maximum of 5 visits per year. He suffers from severe back pain and I always felt bad as I knew 5 visits wasn’t enough to help him.

After Darren was able to access NDIS funding he now comes for regular physio and has worked with several of our physios in our rehab gym.

Darren is really going from strength to strength. He is enjoying his life much more and living a full life with plenty of fun and active pursuits. He is more physically capable to do his basketball and soccer but what I am most proud of is seeing his confidence grow and develop as a young man.

Ann’s story

I have treated Ann for 15 years since her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. She is a lovely lady in her 60’s who had always just done things herself and not complained. She used to see me when she could for physio but it generally wasn’t enough to keep on top of her back pain and nerve pain.

I remember how overjoyed Ann was when her NDIS package was approved. She told me that being able to have regular physio treatment at our clinic she was able to stay on top of her body and not have debilitating flareups of nerve pain which would restrict her sometimes for weeks at a time. She feels lots more relaxed and is enjoying life more. She is also able to exercise now where she didn’t feel like doing as much before.

Cheryl’s story

When I first met Cheryl she wasn’t sure that physio could do anything for her. Cheryl had a severe accident almost 30 years ago which resulted in a major spinal cord and L arm nerve injury that put her into a wheelchair and with severe pain and seizures that surgery couldn’t fix.

We worked out that Cheryl could benefit from physio for her mobility and to keep her going in all parts of her body apart from her permanently damaged left arm. Cheryl was able to obtain NDIS funding and comes for regular physio and I am always impressed by Cheryl’s dedication to her physiotherapy treatment plan.

I remember feeling so excited when Cheryl came in with her new, custom made wheelchair. She had her old one 20 years and it was in desperate need of replacement. It looks like the shiny new Ferrari she deserves!

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