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Manual Lymph Drainage

Check out our latest blog from Nadia, one of our talented remedial massage therapist, here at Scarborough Physio and Health: In the video, you will see a link to a document with more information about Manual lymph drainage and how we can... read more

What is remedial massage?

Remedial massage is used to locate pain and tightness in muscles. Through massage, we are able to repair swollen, sore and painful parts of the body and it also speeds up the body’s own healing processes. Remedial massage can be performed with varying pressure... read more

8 Days before baby number 2 is due

Hi everyone,   I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings with you. It is now 8 days before Gerowyn and I welcome our 2nd child into the world. Here is a bit of insight into what I am thinking at this stage, and a bit of a plan for what happens afterwards as I... read more

We are hiring – musculoskeletal/pelvic health physio

Hi everyone, I am excited to announce that we are planning on adding another physio to our team in 2020. This person we be a unique addition to our team. We are searching for a local physio who has worked in private practice before, but with a special interest in... read more

A cancellation policy from a business who cares

Hi everyone, For years the leadership team and I have mulled over this topic at Scarborough Physio and Health. When people miss appointments we understand that there are many reasons for this, the majority of which you can’t avoid, and some of which are major... read more

Shena Dale – Running assessment

Have you ever wondered what happens in a run technique assessment? This shows a few of the things I look at during the assessment. This runner had been getting some recurring injuries and wanted to build to a marathon. We were able to make these small but significant... read more

What is Moxa?

What is Moxa?? I often get asked about what the strange, smelly cigar is and what it actually does. Moxa or Moxibustion, has been around for as long as Acupuncture (about 2000 years), with some believing it predated Acupuncture itself. The Chinese character for... read more