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A luxurious new product to help you sleep better

Hi Everyone, For years I personally haven’t slept well. I mean, I have got enough sleep but I wake up several times a night and have trouble getting back to sleep. Here at the clinic we look after lots of people in varying degrees of pain – and we find... read more

Private health insurance – use it or lose it!

Got private health insurance? It sure is expensive. But I reckon it is worth it for the peace of mind of having access to the best medical professionals money can buy when you need them, and not being at the mercy of the public system for procedures that aren’t... read more

Work/life balance – the eternal struggle

Life is busy! In between work, school, partners, finances, children and sometimes aging parents, there seems to be very little time left over for us. It’s like you have to keep running to get everything done until one day you end up exhausted, overwhelmed and unable... read more

For those of you who sit at a desk all week

Hi everyone Sit at a desk all week for work? I know the feeling. Very easy for you to get a stiff neck. Often the pain can be severe, but much of time the actual injury isn’t. Something as simple as getting a nice neck and shoulder massage can make a massive... read more

Meet our new Massage Therapist, Jo

Hi everyone, I would like to introduce you to a special new member of our team. Jo Olver is a remedial massage therapist who has been honing her craft over 40 years! As a long term Peninsula local Jo is excited to join our team. Please make her feel... read more

Manual Lymph Drainage

Check out our latest blog from Nadia, one of our talented remedial massage therapist, here at Scarborough Physio and Health: In the video, you will see a link to a document with more information about Manual lymph drainage and how we can... read more

What is remedial massage?

Remedial massage is used to locate pain and tightness in muscles. Through massage, we are able to repair swollen, sore and painful parts of the body and it also speeds up the body’s own healing processes. Remedial massage can be performed with varying pressure... read more

8 Days before baby number 2 is due

Hi everyone,   I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings with you. It is now 8 days before Gerowyn and I welcome our 2nd child into the world. Here is a bit of insight into what I am thinking at this stage, and a bit of a plan for what happens afterwards as I... read more