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What is Moxa?

What is Moxa?? I often get asked about what the strange, smelly cigar is and what it actually does. Moxa or Moxibustion, has been around for as long as Acupuncture (about 2000 years), with some believing it predated Acupuncture itself. The Chinese character for... read more

How to stretch your neck – for office workers

Do you get a sore neck sitting at your desk? Our awesome new massage therapist Michelle is going to show you how to do a couple of simple neck stretches to help you not get so stiff when you sit at your desk to work. Enjoy! If you want to book in with Michelle she has... read more

FREE kids’ physio during the school holidays

For those of you with school aged kids – there are 3 main reasons you would take your child to see a physio. 1. Injuries – your child hurts themselves, generally in the playground. They are complaining about being in pain. This is not an issue if they stop... read more

What one critical error are you making with your injuries?

Hi Guys, I decided to shoot this quick video as I treated a couple of people yesterday who made a simple but all too common error after they got injured that will cause them to take much longer to recover than they should. Check out this 2 minute video here.... read more