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Telehealth available soon at Scarborough Physio and Health

It sure is a crazy and uncertain time that we are living in right now, isn’t it. I hope you and your loved ones are as well as you can be in this most difficult time. At Scarborough Physio and Health we are genuinely concerned for our community. For this reason... read more

We have upskilled on the management of Coronavirus

Hello Scarborough Physio and Health community We would like to update you that our practice owner has completed qualifications in the management of coronavirus, in order to keep you safe in this time of challenge. Our team are busy completing this qualification and we... read more

How you can get a better night’s sleep

It is so common that people suffering from ongoing pain and injury don’t sleep well. If you are not sleeping properly it can make your pain worse, slow your healing down, and leave you feeling pretty down. Check out what we are doing here at Scarborough Physio... read more

Braces and supports – advice from our clinic owner

When it comes to braces and supports some people need them and some people really shouldn’t have them as it can actually make their pain worse! But how do you know what brace you would benefit from and when to not use one? You get advice from someone who knows!... read more

A luxurious new product to help you sleep better

Hi Everyone, For years I personally haven’t slept well. I mean, I have got enough sleep but I wake up several times a night and have trouble getting back to sleep. Here at the clinic we look after lots of people in varying degrees of pain – and we find... read more

Private health insurance – use it or lose it!

Got private health insurance? It sure is expensive. But I reckon it is worth it for the peace of mind of having access to the best medical professionals money can buy when you need them, and not being at the mercy of the public system for procedures that aren’t... read more