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So what is nerve pain?

At Scarborough Physio and Health we help lots of people who have pain that is either severe, or persistent. It can be difficult when you have pain that is unrelenting, and you try lots of things to help without anything giving you more lasting relief. In this video... read more

Neck Pain – A pain in the neck?

Is neck pain a common complaint? In my work as the owner of a physio clinic neck pain is one of the most common complaints that we see. I estimate that it is either second or third on the list of most common conditions, behind low back pain. Sometimes people with neck... read more

Heat or cold on your sore area?

I shot this quick video as a follow up to my last video “what to do when you hurt your back”. Lots of you were asking “should I use heat or cold on my back?” Here is the answer, and it is relevant to any part of your body when you have pain or... read more

How F45 Can Help You

By Todd Bartholomew   Have you ever been exercising and either during or after you finish you notice you have hurt yourself? Working as a physiotherapist it’s our job to help our patients recover from injury. Part of this process is getting a lot of patients... read more