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A new way to thank you as a client of our clinic

Please check out our new Thankyou cards.   For those of you who are happy with your practitioner and our business in general, please take these cards to give to your family members or friends who are not yet clients of ours.   When your chosen recipient wants to book... read more

How is Covid-19 affecting me and my family’s mental health?

How is Covid-19 affecting me and my family’s mental health? (author: Adrian Bosch, Clinical Psychologist, Scarborough Physio and Health)   With the recent “second wave” in Victoria and increasing news about people’s impacted mental health, despite our best efforts to... read more

Adrian Bosch, Clinical Psychologist

A clinical psychologist who is friendly and caring, and who won’t keep you waiting! My name is Adrian Bosch. I have been a Clinical Psychologist for almost 20 years. I am originally from South Africa, but I would call myself a Redcliffe Peninsula local now and my... read more

Welcome to our new clinical psychologist!

Hi everyone, for years in our clinic we had an excellent clinical psychologist to help those of you with your heads and minds as well as your bodies but he finished up with us about 5 years ago. I am excited to announce that Adrian Bosch, clinical psychologist, will... read more

The most common injury I am seeing during COVID-19

Over the past 6 weeks I have seen lots of clients coming into the clinic with different types of aches and pains, but it seems to be many people have pain stemming from this one common area of their backs. I normally see people with this problem but I am seeing it... read more