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Join an award winning team, and the happiest team on the Redcliffe Peninsula.
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Are you the type of person who loves learning, wants to help people achieve their goals and get out of pain, is positive in everything you do and likes to squeeze every last drop out of life?To be part of our team firstly you need to understand a bit about how we operate. We believe that culture and how you act is the most important thing, even more important than your skills, which can be taught.Our culture is a culture of RELIEF, which is our objective with our many patients, and this is how we think and act on a daily basis.

reliability – we are like clockwork – never late and always reliable
energetic – we operate in a high energy environment and like to transfer that positive energy to our patients, therefore we need to be energetic and healthy people ourselves
loyal – we believe in building great relationships with our patients and within our team and to build trust, as we are here for the long term and want to be our patients’ trusted advisor
impressive – we want to impress our patients and bring some of that WOW factor
empathy – we really seek to understand what our patients need from us and never assume we know everything
friendship – we show that we care on a daily basis, both to our team members, patients and not forgetting to care for ourselves!

If you are the type of person who shares these values we would like to hear from you.Our hiring philosophy is to find the right person, and when the right person comes along they virtually create a position themselves!

For more information about current positions available please send an email to [email protected] with the position you are enquiring about as the subject line

“at Scarborough Physio and Health I really love working with people with a variety of conditions and helping people get back to full health as well as being part of a supportive and experienced team”Physio, Scarborough Physio and Health

How F45 Can Help You

By Todd Bartholomew   Have you ever been exercising and either during or after you finish you notice you have hurt yourself? Working as a physiotherapist it’s our job to help our patients recover from injury. Part of this process is getting a lot of patients...

Dry Needling and Chronic Pelvic Pain

The title is enough to make you cringe, but what does the research out there show about the effectiveness of dry needling therapy for people suffering with chronic pelvic pain? First of all, a brief explanation on dry needling: Dry needling is a form of therapy that...

Physio for Chronic Pelvic Pain

Did you know that physiotherapy can effectively help you manage chronic pelvic pain? Several studies have shown that specific physiotherapy techniques can help alleviate the pain associated with: – painful bladder syndrome or interstitial cystitis –...

4 Things you MUST ask your health professional‏

Do you ever feel like you’re talking to a brick wall? I know I’ve felt this way sometimes You know the feeling. You go in to your GP or health professional, talk about your main issue, and you don’t feel like they are listening. Even I’ve had...

Meeting with the Prime Minister

On Wednesday 18th February I had the honour of meeting the current Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott. After joining the long list of hand shakers it was finally my turn. I introduced myself and thrust Tony’s new copy of “why am I in pain?” into his hand. “You...

3 Ways to Get the Most from Your Private Health Insurance

Here’s a question I get asked a lot: “Hi Mitch, I pay lots of money for private health insurance which I almost never use! Are there any ways I can look after my body while getting the most out of my health insurance benefits?” This is something that rings...

Sports Massage from a Physiotherapist

Keep your body performing at top notch Australians love their sport – there’s no doubt about that. Whether you’re an active participant, or an enthusiastic supporter, sports and physical activity can take a fair toll on your body if you’re not proactive. A poor...

Pelvic Floor Exercises for Men

Did you know that men have pelvic floor muscles too? The male pelvic floor rests between the pubic bone at the front and the tail bone at the back. It helps keep the front and back passage closed and has a role in erectile function too! Pelvic floor training can be...

Chronic Pain. Is it all in your head? – Prof Lorimer Moseley

Did you know? Understanding your chronic pain is a more effective treatment than any pain medication on the market! I recently attended an Explain Pain conference in Melbourne where I heard from the world’s leading pain experts – David Butler, Lorimer...

LBL (light bladder leakage)

Do you get light bladder leakage from time to time? How do you manage it? DID YOU KNOW: [list type=”icon-arrow”] The most common form of urinary leakage is called “stress incontinence” and it affects at least one in three ladies after having a baby....

NEW Women’s Health and Continence Physiotherapy Service at Scarborough Physio and Health!

Do you suffer from embarrassing LEAKAGE? Do you have trouble getting to the toilet ON TIME? Are you suffering with PROLAPSE? Do you experience PAIN or DISCOMFORT with intercourse? Specialised Women’s Health and Continence Physiotherapy can help! Did you know: [list...

Ask a Physio – Prolapse

Q: “Hi Rachel, I am 54 years old and 3 months ago I had a hysterectomy.  Ever since having the kids 20-odd years ago, I have had some heaviness down below especially after doing a long walk along the beach or tending to my garden. But now since the operation, I am...

Stumped about Christmas presents again this year? Massage Gift vouchers are the way to go.

Stumped about Christmas presents again this year? Make it easy with a massage gift voucher. Give the gift of relaxation, healing and happiness. Our gift vouchers can be purchased for a 30 minute or 1 hour massage. Our massage therapists are both fully qualified in a...

We are moving… but not far. Read to find out where!

Thanks for being a great patient of our clinic over the years. We have some big news- we are moving to a brand new premises just 50m down the road from our Bunton St clinic. The new address is 93 Landsborough Ave. Our first day at the new clinic will be 30th September...

Tradies National Health Month

Tradies rely on their musculoskeletal health to do their jobs; and ignoring aches, pains and body stress could result in disability and debilitation in the future. The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and Steel Blue have created Tradies National Health Month...

Ask A Physio – How to prevent injuries

Q: “I recently signed up to a new gym. I am afraid of getting injured like a few of my friends did. Can you please give some tips on how to prevent injuries?” A: There are a number of factors that commonly lead to new gym members sustaining injuries. Here are my...

Ask A Physio – Ankle Injuries

Q: “I recently sprained my ankle, and now I’m afraid of rolling it again. How can I be sure that my ankle gets back to full strength and that I don’t get the same injury again?” A: Balance exercises are very important for preventing ankle injuries and returning your...


Some of you may not like the title of this article- and I don’t blame you! You see, our weight is a good indicator of our general health. It is not a pretty topic, but it definitely an important one. It also might seem obvious or elementary that sitting increases the...

Does this sound like you?

“When I wake up in the morning I have a quick breakfast then straight in the car for the long drive to work through traffic. If I leave at 630 it takes me a full hour but if I wait until 715 I can make it in 40 minutes. I get into the office and get straight down to...

Movember Total

Now that the month of Movember has come to an end and our upper lips are smooth again, we’d like to give you a big thank you for supporting the Scarborough Physio team in raising funds for men’s health initiatives. We raised a total of $1075 as a team. Nick came in...

Movember update #2

This year Nick and Mitch are battling it off for Movember glory. We are essentially becoming walking, talking billboards to raise awareness and money for the often ignored issue of men’s health. Funds raised will be distributed to Movember’s men’s health partners...

Take care of yourself with a massage at Scarborough Physiotherapy

Hi, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Stef Walker and I am the new massage therapist here at Scarborough Physiotherapy. I am a fully qualified therapist, having studied a Bachelor Degree in Musculoskeletal Therapy. I am passionate about helping my clients with...

The Ridgway Method

In our ongoing effort to deliver the most effective physiotherapy service on the Redcliffe  peninsula, Nick and I spent our weekend learning and perfecting an exciting new repertoire of assessment and treatment techniques. We strive to ensure that you are...

Sick of Headaches and Migraines? Physio can help!

Mitch and Nick recently attended a headache conference on the Gold Coast where the latest research was presented about headaches. An overwhelming statistic about headaches is that 30% of the population suffers from headaches at any given time! The 4 main types of...

New Car! – but that’s no excuse to stop exercising

I’ve just bought my first car, a shiny ’04 Lancer VR-X. Somehow I have managed to last through high school, four years of University and a couple of months of work without having my own set of wheels. Well, kind of. I’ve had my bicycle, which has served me very well...

Pilates and orthotic deals to save you money!

At Scarborough Physiotherapy we are looking for more ways to reward you! Here are just a few ways that you can get a great deal and take advantage of our services: PILATES Did you know that if you refer a friend for an initial 1-on-1 Pilates session we will give YOU...

Dynamic Tape in stock – Scarborough Physiotherapy, Redcliffe

Dynamic Tape is the latest in taping technology. It is a specially designed, highly elastic tape which assists with weak or painful movements. Unlike normal rigid tapes, Dynamic Tape is designed to allow full movement while still providing strong support. The unique...

NEW Clinical Pilates Classes in Redcliffe

Scarborough Physiotherapy is commencing Pilates classes right away. Be sure to see our previous Blog for a great deal on Pilates. Why do Pilates? Pilates is a form of physical exercise which has been developed and refined for almost 100 years. Modern Pilates combines...

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