Some of you may not like the title of this article- and I don’t blame you!

You see, our weight is a good indicator of our general health. It is not a pretty topic, but it definitely an important one.

It also might seem obvious or elementary that sitting increases the size of our derriere but there appears to be some science behind it as well.

This research comes out of Tel Aviv University in Israel, and was done by professor Amit Gefen. This bloke knows more than the average Joe about bums.

When you sit, you stretch the muscles in your buttocks and this causes something to happen to certain types of cells which are positioned close to these muscles.

These cells are called pre adipocyte cells. They are the precursors to fat cells and I’m sure we are all praying that they don’t turn into fat cells. Stretching the muscles around them triggers them to turn into fat cells, and when you sit your buttock muscles are held in a stretched position for as long as you are sitting for.

Professor Gefen found that after 4 weeks of simulated stretching of bottom muscles in the lab the amount of fat in the muscle increased by 50 percent.

His advice to counteract this problem is to stand and walk around as much as possible.

To all of the bums out there- too much sitting will increase your size so get off yourself and stand.