Did you know that physiotherapy can effectively help you manage chronic pelvic pain?

Several studies have shown that specific physiotherapy techniques can help alleviate the pain associated with:
– painful bladder syndrome or interstitial cystitis
– endometriosis pelvis
– vaginismus and other sexual pain disorders
– proctalgia fugax

Often these pain disorders can be exacerbated by or even have its genesis in trigger points in the abdomen and pelvic muscles.
Relieving tightness and pain through these muscles can markedly reduce the pain experienced in these conditions.

What should I expect from a physio assessment session?
Our physiotherapist, Mandy, has specific training in this area and will ask you a series of questions to develop a comprehensive overview of your condition.
Physical assessment usually involves gentle palpation of the stomach, buttock and thigh muscles to identify “hot spots” that require further treatment.
The physio will then may assess your pelvic floor function by doing an internal examination, depending on your condition and how comfortable you feel with this.

How long before I should expect to see a change in my pain?
Relief may be instantaneous or gradual over a few sessions.

If you have any questions about whether your condition is appropriate for treatment, or you would like to book in a session with Mandy please give us a call on:
3880 1649