premium pilates at Scarborough Physio and Health

It is with much excitement that we would like to introduce you to a great new team member here at Scarborough Physio and Health, and a revamped pilates offering that you have been asking for!

Since 2012 Scarborough Physio and Health has been offering pilates in a group setting. We were one of the first clinics in the region to offer physio led pilates classes, with small and intimate groups of 6 clients.

We were extremely proud of our pilates offering, but with this offering came challenges. As I’m sure you can appreciate the busiest times for these classes were early morning and late evening.

As time passed I saw the strain on our physios working these hours – seeing their clients for consultations through the day, and having to also start early and finish late to run their classes.

As the clinic owner I made the decision to move away from a class structure and to move away from physio led pilates for these reasons.

Here at Scarborough Physio and Health there is one thing we do best – one on one, personalised and individualised consultations where we concentrate on you and you only. Our practitioners are highly trained and are experts in helping you with your pain and injuries.

For this reason we have recruited Sarah Schofield. Sarah is an experienced and well loved pilates instructor here on the Redcliffe Peninsula. Sarah runs classes at 2 locations, and this year has been training under the watchful eye of our senior Physio, Todd Bartholomew.

Sarah lives and breathes pilates. She still teaches classes, but when we met Sarah expressed her desire to me to turn pilates into something more premium – a true experience. Seeing her clients 1 on 1, and focusing only on them.

Sarah wished to move away from teaches pilates only for fitness, and wants to work with clients of Scarborough Physio and Health – people recovering from pain and injuries – and people with big goals – looking after your grandkids, going on that holiday of a lifetime, or simply staying fit enough to look after yourself and your family.

It was here that Premium Pilates was born.

Gone are the old fashioned classes. At some pilates clinics there are so many people in a class that the instructor can’t possibly focus on you. In this situation you don’t get the best results because you are not getting the 1 on 1, individual attention from your instructor.

This changes now.

Premium Pilates is a high quality, boutique offering where Sarah will work intensively with you, 1 on 1 and uninterrupted, to help you learn pilates which will help you initially to get rid of your pain, and then she will help you get to the next level of your health and fitness – toning your muscles, improving your posture, getting strong and fit, and being able to do the physical things in your life that you thought you may not be capable of.

Entry into Premium Pilates is by expressions of interest, as this service is not for everyone.

Not being a pilates class this is not a service for “yummy Mummies” or the “Lorna Jane” crew.

This service is best suited to people who aren’t attracted to gyms or classes, and are after a more personalised, premium and 1 on 1 exercise offering, led by a highly trained expert who is mentored by our senior Physio team, and who communicates with your Physio about how to help you best.

Sarah’s Premium Pilates service commences on the week starting 24th June.

If you would like to find out more information please contact our Practice Manager Ruth Woollett at [email protected] and we will happily answer your questions about this service.

I look forward to welcoming Sarah Schofield to our great clinic and helping you achieve your health and fitness goals through Premium Pilates.