Only last week, after 4 years of hard wear, my beautiful Archies thongs died.

Why did they die? Because I have done SO much walking in them!

Ever since I was a kid I have loved the freedom of wearing thongs – I mean who doesn’t!

The only issue is with my flattish feet I have trouble walking too far in them.

About 5 years ago I was at a market down the Gold Coast, and I saw one stall with people virtually flowing out of it. It was the Archies orthotic thongs stall. That was when I knew I had found a product that could help people with sore knees and feet.

The beauty of them is not only do they have a built in arch support, but they also look good. They look exactly like Havaianas!

I can walk all day in them, even on hard grounds like North Lakes Shopping Centre (which my wife loves going to).

We sell Archies here at the clinic. There is a new shipment arriving today, and they are priced at $35 per pair, or 2 pairs for $65. So come and grab a pair of two. They come in 8-10 different colours.

This is the first pair I have hear of broken – but after 4 years I figure they have lived a great life (and helped me live one in the process).