Did you know? Understanding your chronic pain is a more effective treatment than any pain medication on the market!

I recently attended an Explain Pain conference in Melbourne where I heard from the world’s leading pain experts – David Butler, Lorimer Moseley and Mark Jensen.

hand draws brain sign

Evidence now shows that one of the most effective treatments for chronic pain is understanding how pain works and why you are in pain. However, this can be a difficult task because pain is so complex.

If you have chronic pain I highly recommend watching this lecture by neuroscientist, Professor Lorimer Moseley. He is a fantastic educator who makes the task of understanding pain much easier. He has some great resources on his website which I encourage you to take a look at – http://bodyinmind.org/

In the past chronic pain has been seen as something that treatment can only help for ‘maintenance’. However, now that we better understand how the brain works, we know that chronic pain can be treated effectively and even fixed! I am excited about where pain research and treatment is going, and I am already achieving better results with chronic pain sufferers as a result.

[quotes align=”center” author=””]Pain has been part of the human experience longer than magnetic bracelets, ergonomic chairs, whiplash and repetitive strain injury. Yet it is just in the last few decades that we have realised how terrifically complex pain really is and how wrong many of our assumptions about pain really are.[/quotes]