Here’s a question I get asked a lot:

“Hi Mitch, I pay lots of money for private health insurance which I almost never use! Are there any ways I can look after my body while getting the most out of my health insurance benefits?”

This is something that rings true for many people. You are probably already paying a lot of money for health insurance premiums without taking full advantage of all the services you can claim. Every policy varies slightly, however, most people with extras cover can claim on these 3 services at Scarborough Physio and Health (in addition to normal Physiotherapy).

1. Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage pain relief stress relief

Who doesn’t enjoy a good massage? And most of all, who doesn’t enjoy an expertly delivered massage for a fraction of the normal price! Some health funds are giving rebates of 25%-100% of the full price for massage by our expertly trained massage therapists. You will benefit from a massage if:

  • You get tight or sore muscles
  • You regularly go to the gym or exercise
  • You have a job that requires lots of computer or paperwork
  • You suffer from stress


2. Custom Made Orthotics

running pain free orthotics running shoes

These are custom made shoe inserts which are used to correctly align your feet so you can walk or run pain free. Custom orthotics can be absolute life savers if you suffer from foot pain or knee pain. Most health insurance policies allow you to claim a rebate on one pair of orthotics every year. You may need orthotics if:

  • You have dropped arches or flat feet.
  • You want to optimise your sporting performance
  • You have a family history of foot problems, bunions, etc.
  • Your shoes wear unevenly
  • You have foot, knee, hip or back pain.


3. Clinical Pilates

Clinical pilates back pain flexibility posture

Clinical Pilates is different to the Pilates performed in a gym, because it is instructed by a Physiotherapist, ensuring the exercises are done properly. Most people with private health insurance pay less for Clinical Pilates than those joining a big group at a gym! So why would you do it any other way? Get expert advice for a fraction of the price. You will benefit from Clinical Pilates if:

  • You suffer from neck or back pain
  • You have a job that requires lots of computer or paperwork
  • You suffer from stress
  • You have poor core strength or poor flexibility
  • You have bad balance

Make the most of the insurance you are already paying for and call Scarborough Physio and Health today and our friendly staff will find you an appointment. Phone 3880 1649.

We are registered providers with all major health funds.