I have always wanted to be a psychologist. I started thinking about it from the age of 14. Now I find myself with 25 years of experience as a clinical psychologist. I have worked in rural Africa with children and families, lectured in psychology at university, spent four years working in a psychiatric hospital and have done voluntary work as a psychologist on a health train which travelled through Zululand and was also a facilitator with Child-Line for many years. I have also worked in collaboration with traditional Sangoma’s (healers) in South Africa. I am a South African trained psychologist and South Africa has been my home for many years. It gives me such pleasure to now come to Australia and work with Nick and his team at the Scarborough Physio and health.

Working towards becoming a psychologist took me on a scenic trip as I first qualified as a nursing sister and midwife. This also helped me to understand the depth and breadth of how physical pain and emotional pain are often interlinked. I like a mind-body approach to treatment for this reason. I am also trained in Mindfulness and often use this approach when treating clients in pain. I like working with couples and children too and value the power of play therapy for children suffering from trauma, behavioural problems and concentration difficulties. In South Africa my playroom was geared for art, sand, and phantasy play, as we know that children work out their difficulties through play rather than through talk therapy.
I also work with anxiety, depression, substance abuse and trauma in individual adult therapy but prefer to refer to educational psychologists’ colleagues for educational difficulties.

When I am not working or trying to finish that last chapter of my PhD I enjoy spending time with my family, swimming, and painting. I look forward to working as part of the Scarborough team.