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My name is Nick Schuster and I love the Redcliffe Peninsula.

I am happiest helping my many patients find out why they are in pain, getting them out of pain quickly, and helping them get back to living the lives they deserve.

I do this through my unique brand of Physiotherapy which aims to get to the root of the problem in your body, rather than just treating the symptoms. I find that getting to the root of the problem helps my patients get out of pain quicker than they ever thought possible.

When you see me for an appointment I will focus on three aspects- your current injury and any other injuries you have had in the past, your daily life and routine and how this may be affecting your problem, and your general health. Once I learn about these aspects of your life I will help you understand the cause of your pain, help you get out of pain, and set some goals for how to get back to living life.

As founder of Scarborough Physio and Health, I am a passionate Physio, Chronic pain expert, business owner, educator, author and presenter.

I have trained numerous Physio and Allied Health staff on all aspects of Physio and business training in the field of private practice.

I have just completed my second book “Becoming the Ultimate Physio”, which is a training manual for clinic owners. This follows my first book, entitled “Why am I in Pain?”, which helps people just like you understand what is wrong in their body and mind when they are suffering pain.

Over a 16 year Physiotherapy career I have treated more than 20,000 Redcliffe locals. I have a reputation for genuinely caring about my patients, and have a great following of loyal patients on the Peninsula and beyond. My clinic Scarborough Physio and Health sponsors several community groups and is actively involved in making the Redcliffe Peninsula the healthiest and best place to live in Australia.


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • Member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • 3 times published author
  • Recognised public speaker
  • Founder of Scarborough Physiotherapy
  • Founder of The Ultimate Physio
  • Multi award-winning Entrepreneur
  • Support of multiple businesses and charities on the Redcliffe Peninsula
  • Husband and father to 2 children


Alternatively if you would like to engage me for a speaking engagement, please send me an email at [email protected], or contact Scarborough Physio and Health on 07 38801649.

When I am not busy at Scarborough Physio and Health I enjoy spending time with my wife, family and friends, working on my consulting business – Ultimate Physio, travelling, fishing, and being by the sea.