Keep your body performing at top notch

Australians love their sport – there’s no doubt about that. Whether you’re an active participant, or an enthusiastic supporter, sports andsports massage from a physio runner image physical activity can take a fair toll on your body if you’re not proactive. A poor posture in the grandstand or on the couch, especially for an avid observer can lead to tight and sore muscles. Or, considering the average training schedule of competitive players (two trainings and a game per week), your chances of knocks, blows, muscle strains, and ligament sprains increase exponentially. Don’t get me wrong; sport is a great outlet for the necessary physical activity our bodies yearn for. But with the right treatment, the experience for the lover of sport can also remain painless. There are a few prophylactic steps you can take to ensure your body remains ‘top notch’.




Ease pain and tension

I’m sure it isn’t hard too imagine the last time your muscles ached; for many it would be as simple as shrugging your shoulders while you read this blog post. This is where sports massage may be your best option for release and healing. Sports massage aims to target the points of your muscular or ligamentous pain through techniques such as trigger point release, myofascial release, muscular stripping, stretching and effleurage. These techniques are often quite intense, using the required level of pressure to ensure the deep tissues are adequately targeted. What is definitive, however, is the freedom and relief felt after a sports massage. Results with these techniques are rapid, resulting in quick relief from pain and discomfort, enabling you to return to the activities you love, faster.


Get a sports massage, get results!

As a physiotherapist, I highly recommend sports massage, using it regularly with my Brisbane capital league soccer team. Whether you’ve experienced it before and are in need of a friendly and competent masseur on the Peninsula, or if it will be your first exposure, I’m positive you will fall in love with sports massage. In fact, enough from me. Book in at half-price for your first massage, and let the results speak for themselves!