(Left to right) James Schomburgk, presenter, Physio and renowned expert on Headaches with Nick Schuster and Mitchell Hamer

Mitch and Nick recently attended a headache conference on the Gold Coast where the latest research was presented about headaches. An overwhelming statistic about headaches is that 30% of the population suffers from headaches at any given time!

The 4 main types of headaches are:

  • Migraine
  • Neck related (cervicogenic)
  • Tension (mainly muscular)
  • Cluster

Physiotherapy is proven to fix a headache if it is from the neck, and to significantly reduce the symptoms in all of the 3 other main types of headache.

Your Physio can diagnose and help you to understand your headache, as well as create a plan of action to reduce or entirely fix your headaches for good. Your physio’s plan for managing headaches will also include exercises and strategies you can use yourself at home to keep the problem under control and get rid of those headaches once and for all.

If you are unsure whether or not a Physio will be able to help you with your headaches, come and see us at Scarborough Physiotherapy for a no risk, FREE initial assessment. To have one of our expert therapists looking after you please call us on 3880 1649 now.