On Wednesday 18th February I had the honour of meeting the current Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott.

After joining the long list of hand shakers it was finally my turn. I introduced myself and thrust Tony’s new copy of “why am I in pain?” into his hand.

“You must be a Physiotherapist” he exclaimed. This response told me that my pitch must have done its job.

“Have you had a few aches and pains in your time?” I replied.

Tony started to tell me about a few of his issues from biking to budgie smugglers and in between.

We finished our conversation with me advising him that I had a magic secret that could help him walk better and get rid of that much maligned duck walk which he possesses. I think he chose to ignore me on this point, as he may have felt that his gait problem was insurmountable.

All in all it was a successful meeting and I hope Mr Abbott enjoys learning about how to overcome pain.