By Todd Bartholomew


Have you ever been exercising and either during or after you finish you notice you have hurt yourself?

Working as a physiotherapist it’s our job to help our patients recover from injury. Part of this process is getting a lot of patients exercising again or preventing you from having to stop. Many patients come to us asking for advice on what type of exercise will be suitable for them. There are many different types of exercises and gyms on the market and there has been a lot of hype around certain forms of exercise.

The last couple years the hype behind crossfit has been huge, but as a physio all I was seeing was numerous patients injuring themselves from crossfit. I started to hear about a new exercise that had hit the Peninsula; F45. From what I was hearing it sounded simple but great (High intensity interval training at the gym) and the results people were getting was amazing, so I decided to go check it out and went to the local F45 at Redcliffe.

My very first session I was greeted by the owner Kane and one of the trainers Kate, and was instantly impressed by the level of support and comradery displayed by the trainers and participants. The vibe was instantly different as it wasn’t about who could lift the heaviest weights or who was the fittest there, it was all about trying your own personal best every exercise.

The trainers were onto everyone’s technique, consistently correcting any faults and ensuring everyone got the best out of every exercise. I could see how this would benefit so many of my patients returning to exercise or looking for a way to help prevent injuries.

When returning to exercise, do you feel like you are lacking confidence to know what to do? Is there something stopping you from achieving that healthy lifestyle?

F45 takes that fear and lack of confidence away, as every session is structured to minimise risk of injury whilst still pushing you to train as hard as YOU can. That is the difference and what pushes F45 ahead other styles of exercise, as the emphasis is on doing the best you can with perfect technique. F45 is truly an innovative form of exercise and you can tell the level of work that goes on behind the scenes makes it a gym I would highly recommend to my patients. Yes F45 is slightly more expensive compared to a normal gym membership. But if you take into consideration the fact that every session is planned out, you have highly skilled personal trainers watching over you and that every program has been trialed and tested, the value strongly outweighs the cost.

If you find you are ever questioning what gym you should go to or looking at getting back into exercise whether due to inactivity or injury, F45 Redcliffe is your answer. It will change your life and put you on track to achieving a healthy lifestyle. Do not hesitate to contact the F45 Redcliffe team, it has changed my life, it will change yours.