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Will I ever get back to full training?

As a combat sports athlete we’ve all experienced injuries that have kept us off the mats; they never heal as quickly as we’d like, but eventually we’re able to return to full training. For some unlucky ones, no matter what they do can’t seem to kick their injuries.... read more

7 mistakes which are making your back pain worse

Every day in our clinic we help up to 50 people who have one very, very common problem – back pain. It will happen to all of us at some time in our lives, me included! Last year I hurt my back, and knowing everything I know I did physio, massage, acupuncture,... read more

So what is nerve pain?

At Scarborough Physio and Health we help lots of people who have pain that is either severe, or persistent. It can be difficult when you have pain that is unrelenting, and you try lots of things to help without anything giving you more lasting relief. In this video... read more