Hi everyone, it’s Nick Schuster here.

I want to talk to you about a challenge that we have here at the clinic, it’s a bit of a sensitive subject so I am going to address it with sensitivity.

Now many of you know that I have been at the clinic since I was 21 years old. I absolutely love the place and the Redcliffe Peninsula is a region that I truly believe is heaven on earth. The people of Redcliffe have helped me to grow from a boy into a man and are a huge part of who I am – and I love you guys for it.

But I have a problem I want to talk to you about.

Having been here for 16 years I have helped lots of people. Our clinic has helped almost 14 000 Redcliffe locals to be exact. But it hasn’t just been me that has helped all of those people. Our team at Scarborough Physio are excellent – our Physios, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturist, and Admin team. We all work together.

The problem is this:

On most days my appointments are booked out. Sometimes I am booked for even a couple of weeks in advanced. Our other physios, who are excellent, have appointments available every day. This is not because they aren’t as good as me – this is because they haven’t been in the area as long as I have.

Often one of my patients will call up, often in severe pain.

Instead of seeing one of my other excellent physios they will elect to see me and wait on my waiting list for sometimes 2-3 weeks.

This really cuts me up. I see someone’s name at the bottom of my client list for the day, knowing I can’t see them sometimes for weeks.

I see the appointment books of my capable physios and I have a team of people who can help that person to start to get rid of their pain, as soon as today. But they choose to wait.

Ruth spoke to me about this a while ago and I asked why people wait.

You would be surprised as to a common reason why people wait. The obvious reason is that I have treated them before and I know them well and their problem – but if someone’s pain is bad enough I just want them to get it seen to, at least for the first appointment to get their journey started.

One of the main reasons Ruth told me after speaking to clients on my waiting lists was this:

They didn’t want to offend me.

This really made me think.

Firstly, I don’t want my clients being worried that they are offending me when all they are doing is seeking immediate relief from their pain, which is often quite severe.

So the fact that people were waiting to see me for an appointment, while suffering from their pain when they didn’t have to, for fear of causing me offense, I didn’t want this to be happening.

What I would like you to do if this is affecting you is to know that I will not be offended if you see one of our other excellent physios. In fact I will be happy, because what I want for you is not to be suffering pain needlessly when you don’t have to. This is what is really important to me.

It makes me happy when I see one of my regular patients’ names in the diaries of our physios, because if means that the person has got an appointment for the help that they need urgently, and they are not sitting at home suffering from pain.

If you have any questions or thoughts about what I have said and you want to reach out to me personally please do at [email protected]