Hi everyone,

I am excited to announce that we are planning on adding another physio to our team in 2020.

This person we be a unique addition to our team.

We are searching for a local physio who has worked in private practice before, but with a special interest in Women’s Health physio. This can include physios interested in pelvic health, and pre and postnatal care.

Do you know this person? Could they be a family member or friend?

If you even remotely think you know this person, please share this post with them.

It may help them get the life changing job they have been searching for.

At Scarborough Physio and Health our team is everything to us – and to me as the owner, helping my team achieve all of the goals and dreams they have, and even achieve things in their lives they never thought possible, is the biggest thrill I get in my job as a business owner.

So please help us find our next team member. You can check out the job ad here


Many thanks,

Nick Schuster