Hello SPaH Community,

I wanted to discuss something with you that will affect our clients who attend appointments after hours which at this stage is Thursday appointments after 5pm, and Saturday morning appointments, for physiotherapy services.

I remember even a year ago before Mel Elliott started at the clinic we were unable to offer any appointments after hours, and we had plenty of clients wanting appointments in the evenings and Saturday mornings for physio due to their busy schedules during business hours.

Currently we now have 3 excellent physios offering after hours appointments – Pierre Roscher, Riley Capra and Mel Elliott.

We can offer you the convenience of after hours physio so you don’t have to rush during your busy week.

My challenge has been this – there is no doubt it is less attractive for a physio to be working after hours than during normal business hours – they can be away from their family as the primary challenge and this is tough.

I have decided that I wanted the physios who are making a sacrifice to work these important after hours shifts to be valued more and so we are implementing a $10 after hours appointment surcharge for physiotherapy appointments.

We already have this surcharge in place for massage and acupuncture services on Saturdays and I wanted to bring our physio service into line.

Our professional association (the Australian Physiotherapy Association) actually recommends a 25% loading cost to after hours appointments but I don’t believe this is fair for our clients, especially those of you who come regularly.

This $10 surcharge will be implemented after Easter.

If you have any questions about this please direct them to me (Nick) at my personal email [email protected] .

Once again thankyou so much for your loyalty, support and understanding. I hope 2021 is better for you so far than 2020 was!

Kind Regards

Scarborough Physio and Health