The women’s health pelvic consult – a patient’s perspective (by Ruth Woollett)

So, I have been working with Mandy for a few months now, and so many people that have seen her have come out saying amazing things about the consult. So, I have had lots of abdominal surgery over the years, and I figured I may need some help with activating my pelvic floor correctly.

The consult started by me filling in the pre-consult survey, which gave a history of surgery, and any previous issues. It asked if I had I given birth, or had a hysterectomy etc. All of this information went directly to Mandy, so no one else in the clinic saw it. I had an extended consultation with Mandy asking a few quite important questions, things I hadn’t thought about before.

Mandy then showed me the model of the pelvis and explained how each part should work. She had a feeling I was not activating the pelvic floor properly, so we started an examination. Firstly, she felt my tummy, got me to do some breathing (which sounds normal, but diaphragmatic breathing can take some practice). We then went through the best way to activate the pelvic floor and Mandy gave me pointers as I practiced.

We then got out the ultrasound and had a look to see which muscles were being activated when I tried to do pelvic floor exercises. Being able to see the pelvic floor moving in real time really helped me understand if I was activating it correctly or not (turns out I was doing it the wrong way). With some instruction, I was able to make the pelvic floor move the way it should, and it was easy because I could actually see the right things moving on the screen.

Mandy also gave me information, we looked at posters and diagrams which helped me to make sense of what she was telling me. When I got home, of course I had forgotten some of the things she had told me, but it was ok, because she gave me some hand outs and tips to refer back to. I learned so much in that one consult!!

For years I have had on-going back pain, after having a spinal fusion, and with the information Mandy gave me about diaphragmatic breathing, I was able to have longer between visits to have an adjustment. After her treatment, I didn’t need a physio appointment for about 6 weeks – which is huge for me!!

Now lots of you reading this would benefit from a pelvic health consultation but understandably have some nerves and I hope I have put these to rest. If you are interested in seeing Mandy please email me [email protected] and I can give you more information about how Mandy treats and I can help to make your appointment for you.

Ruth Woollett
Practice Manager
Scarborough Physio and Health