It sure is a crazy and uncertain time that we are living in right now, isn’t it.

I hope you and your loved ones are as well as you can be in this most difficult time.

At Scarborough Physio and Health we are genuinely concerned for our community.

For this reason we are getting our Telehealth physiotherapy service up and running, so that in the event of a full shutdown where you cannot access our services, we will be able to still consult with you through Telehealth.

Of course this service cannot easily replace the high quality services we provide for our clients, but for some of you it is an option.

Obviously physiotherapy is also the only service we will be able to offer through Telehealth.

We will be offering a discount to the pricing of our normal services as well to account for not being able to give you a nice handshake and a pat on the back!

Stay tuned.