At Scarborough Physio we have had pilates classes at our clinic since 2012, back in the days when Mitch Hamer started teaching at our clinic.
Since then our classes were taught by both Todd and Shena, and it was great to see not only the results that our clients were getting but also the fun they were having and the relationships they formed.
Over time we found that we had a challenge with pilates classes. Given our Physios were taking pilates classes as well as working a full day seeing clients, and the pilates classes were generally at the beginning and at the end of a longer working day, I made the decision to finish up classes at the clinic. Sometimes the physios were starting work at 7am and staying around for a 6pm pilates class and, while they enjoyed it, I could see it was burning the candle at both ends.
The other thing that happened was that pilates classes started popping up everywhere, some of them with a much bigger space than we had, and we couldn’t compete with these pilates clinics on price.
I felt bad about the decision and I wanted to work out how Pilates could continue at the clinic, given it is such a much needed and well attended health service for those of you who want to keep fit and strong without going to a gym.
This decision was made easier for me when Sarah Schofield came to our clinic and started training under our senior Physio Todd Bartholomew, which she has been doing these past 4-5 months.
It is here that Premium Pilates was born.
Sarah is an experienced Pilates Instructor with high level qualifications, who wanted to move more into helping people with pain and injuries. Her training with Todd and the fact she is currently studying to be an Exercise Physiologist made her a perfect fit to start this premium service – the first of it’s kind in Redcliffe.
So here is how our Premium Pilates is different.
Don’t get me wrong, pilates classes are great. I’ve done them over the years. They are most suited to people who are healthy, whose injuries are stable, and your results get better the more classes you do.
But there is a group of the population who pilates classes aren’t the best fit for.
Here are some reasons pilates classes may not work for you:
  1. They are not at the time(s) of day which suit you (generally early morning or late afternoon)
  2. You are fairly new to pilates and have never done it before
  3. You are still recovering from pain or injury and have concerns about not wanting to stir your problem up
  4. You are half way through a course of physio treatment and your physio is recommending you work on your muscle strength
  5. You are not at the same level of fitness as to the rest of the participants in the class
  6. You find a class environment a bit overwhelming
  7. You need more personalised attention when doing a class
  8. Many of the exercises in a class you can’t do, need modified or have difficulty with
Here are some of the reasons my clients in the past have told me they prefer one on one pilates to classes, and why one on one premium pilates may be the best option for you:
  1. The instructor is focusing on you the whole time
  2. The exercises can be individually adapted to you for best results
  3. The exercises your instructor gives you are less likely to flare up your pain and injury
  4. The specific exercises your instructor gives you are personalised for you and give you the quickest and best results
  5. You get the benefit of the instructor focusing on you (and only you)
  6. If you are doing an exercise incorrectly it is easier for the instructor to modify it and correct your form
  7. Your Physio can speak to Sarah to make sure Sarah understands your injury or pain in great detail
  8. Your Physio and Sarah can continue to liaise throughout your course of Premium Pilates to help you to manage any pain or flareups, and to target your programme to the goals you want to achieve
So interested in finding out more about Premium Pilates?
Check out the details here