Have you ever wondered what happens in a run technique assessment? This shows a few of the things I look at during the assessment. This runner had been getting some recurring injuries and wanted to build to a marathon. We were able to make these small but significant changes in a couple of sessions with some verbal cues & drills. The runner then had exercises & drills to continue at home. I’m a huge believer that everyone has their own unique running technique which suits their body & we shouldn’t be making huge changes quickly. However, our bodies do adapt over time to injuries, muscle weaknesses and other stimuli so that sometimes runners lose some efficiency in their technique. A run technique assessment is about helping you to bring back that efficiency to your own unique running style! (I am pleased to say that this year the runner in this picture completed his first marathon in a time of 4:08.) 😀 Run technique assessments can be booked with me by calling the clinic on 3880-1649. (Thank you to this lovely runner for allowing me to share these photos) 🌺

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