Are you a patient of Nick Mascali?
Towards the end of the year Nick decided he wanted to take 4 months’ off work. He has a 6 month old son, his wife is returning to work, and they just bought a new house. Nick has been a physio for 9 years and he thought this was a great opportunity for a mid year break – especially given all that COVID is throwing at us.
We hope to have Nick back some time after easter and he will be returning part time.
Very luckily I was able to secure a wonderful new physio to take over your care if you have been a patient of Nick M these last 3 years. His name is Rob Nicholls, and he is from the UK via Bathurst where he grew up when he moved here age 12.
Rob has 5 years’ of experience, and has worked in private practice his whole career so he knows how things work. He is looking forward to meeting you, and getting to know and help you with your pain and injuries.
So for patients of Nick M when booking appointments this year please ask for Rob.