Defeat foot, knee or hip pain
As physios we love helping people walk better. We have performed thousands of detailed walking assessments to help Redcliffe locals find out why they have pain when they stand or walk.

Whether it’s knee pain, foot pain, dropped or fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs or other leg pains. Our experience is that many of these people have feet which roll in too far, and need support.

Traditional orthotics are hard, bulky, and do not fit in all of the shoes that you wear on a daily basis. The more shoes you buy the more confused you get, and the shoes that feel the best don’t always look the best.

We use the latesttechnology to assess, design and prescribe comfortable orthotics which fit in any type of shoe.

We stock DOLA orthotics for women’s shoes, running shoes, casual shoes, over 50s, fashion shoes, golf shoes, soccer boots and more.

We guarantee we have an orthotic to fit in any shoe, and can customise them for any foot type. We now have the convenience to fit almost all people with a semi- custom orthotic during your physio consultation if you wear the shoes you want the orthotic in to your consultation (or at least bring them with you).

DOLA orthotics are the best priced semi-custom orthotics on the market and attract a health fund rebate from all funds except BUPA on your extras cover. We currently have a special initial pricing of 1 pair for $250 and 2 pairs for $450 so get in quick!

These orthotics can rid you of knee and foot pain when you stand and walk. Call us on (07) 3880 1649, and our friendly reception staff will find you a time that suits you.

Fixing your problem could be as simple as slipping an orthotic into your shoe.


We genuinely care about your goals in life and we want to help you get back to living a great life as soon as possible. MORE INFO

Sports Physio

We know that when you are injured how frustrating it can be. When you see one of our physios we will help you get to the bottom of your injury, not just treat the symptoms.. MORE INFO

Pelvic Health

There are some problems that can be embarrassing to manage but can be helped with the right combination of treatments. MORE INFO

Kids Incontinence

We know that one of the primary causes of bedwetting and incontinence in children is constipation and that 10-20% of children are constipated. MORE INFO


Here at Scarborough Physio you can book a massage any day of the week from Monday to Saturday, and we also do early morning and late afternoon appointments for busy people.MORE INFO


Scarborough Physio is the first clinic on the Redcliffe Peninsula to be offering daily Pilates classes! We also offer reformer Pilates 1-on-1, using the latest technology, equipment and training.MORE INFO

Custom Orthotics

As physios we love helping people walk better. We have performed thousands of detailed walking assessments to help Redcliffe locals find out why they have pain when they stand or walk. MORE INFO

NDIS Services

As an NDIS client you will receive a blue ribbon service which can include consultations with any of our physio team based on their special area of skill and interest, traditional hands on physio, exercise based rehab led by your physio. MORE INFO

Clinical Psychology

A clinical psychologist who is friendly and caring, and who won't keep you waiting! MORE INFO

Custom orthotics can be used to fix these painful conditions and many more:

Foot pain


Knee and hip pain


Flat feet or dropped arches


Plantar fasciitis and Heel spurs


Sports injuries

We help locals every day from Scarborough, Redcliffe, Newport, Margate, Clontarf, Kippa Ring, Woody Point, Brighton, Deception Bay, Mango Hill, North Lakes, Rothwell and beyond. You can become another success!

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