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Incontinence in children is quite common

1 in 5 of five-year old’s wet the bed as children get older the statistics get less but 1 in 10 seven-year olds are still bedwetting, 1 in 20 ten-year olds and most surprisingly 1 in 40 eighteen-year olds are wetting their bed. About 10-12% of children who bed wet are also having daytime accidents. If your child is struggling with bedwetting or daytime continence you are not alone.

We know that one of the primary causes of bedwetting and incontinence in children is constipation and that 10-20% of children are constipated. The major cause of constipation in children is functional constipation which means there is no pathophysiological cause or disease associated with the constipation. It could be as a result of a number of reasons such as poor diet, lack of activity or learnt stool withholding. In a child constipation can be the source of painful poos. It takes one painful poo for your child to learn to withhold and constipation can happen quickly in children. If they have been constipated for a long time their pelvic floor can be overwhelmed by faecal retention within their rectum. The longer a child is constipated the more dysfunctional their pelvic floor becomes and a vicious cycle gets set up.

Our Paediatric Pelvic Health Physio, Mandy, is here to help

At Scarborough Physiotherapy and Health Mandy Röscher is our Paediatric Pelvic Health Physiotherapist. As a mum of 2 small children herself she knows how difficult continence and constipation problems in children can be.

Our paediatric pelvic appointments include a detailed history to fully determine the source of your child’s incontinence, constipation or why Potty Training is not going well. It may also include a real time ultrasound scan on their abdomen to see your child’s rectal diameter (a good measure of constipation) as well help retrain the pelvic floor muscles. We do not do any invasive testing or internal examinations on children and if we feel your child requires further investigation we will refer to the appropriate professional.

A major goal of our management is to provide constipation relief for kids and to get them the dry during the day and night. We will go through a comprehensive healthy bladder and bowel behavioural programme that will be customized for your child. Bedwetting treatment and daytime continence treatment will always start with management of the child’s constipation and we will then look at postural, pelvic floor and toileting behavioural changes.

Telehealth for Paediatric Continence

Telehealth sessions work very well for paediatric bladder and bowel management. Bladder and bowel management in children comprises mostly of behavioural and lifestyle changes as well as exercise-based therapy. Mandy will collaborate with your Doctor if any physical examination needs to be conducted.

How does a telehealth session work?

Telehealth sessions are 40 minutes in length. They are conducted over a secure telehealth platform. A stable internet connection is required to ensure best video contact. Keep your mobile with you and If for an unforeseen reason video drops off you will be called by the therapist

Does your child need to be present?

Normally Mandy prefers older children to be present so they can be part of the treatment process. You are welcome to email Mandy after you have completed your questionnaire and she can let you know if your child needs to be present.


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We know that one of the primary causes of bedwetting and incontinence in children is constipation and that 10-20% of children are constipated. MORE INFO


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