Scarborough Physiotherapy is commencing Pilates classes right away. Be sure to see our previous Blog for a great deal on Pilates.

Why do Pilates?

Pilates is a form of physical exercise which has been developed and refined for almost 100 years. Modern Pilates combines balance, stretches, breathing, posture, strength, control and core muscles to optimise your physical function. Whether you have long standing pain or you are an elite athlete, there are many different levels of Pilates, so a program can be specifically designed for you.

Undertaking Pilates classes can have many positive impacts on your health and performance, including:

  • Decreased pain
  • Improved strength and flexibility
  • Enhanced co-ordination and muscle control
  • Improved balance and breathing control
  • Aided rehabilitation and injury prevention
  • Better posture and core stability
  • Firmer and flatter stomach muscles

Our Pilates instructor, Mitch Hamer, has trained with the Pilates Institute of Queensland and is a qualified matwork instructor from rehabilitation to intermediate level. His knowledge of both Physiotherapy and Pilates can help to resolve your pain, build strength, to get those hard abs you want or to manage stress and feel more energetic.

Why us?

Physiotherapists are experts in human movement and anatomy. With our additional Pilates training we can ensure that you are performing the exercises properly and safely. We use current research and technologies to guarantee you the best results possible. Scarborough Physiotherapy is now beginning individual, 2-on-1 and small group matwork Pilates classes. Every client will receive a full musculoskeletal body assessment to design a program tailored to your personal needs and goals.

We recommend that all clients have four or five, 1-on-1 (or 2-on-1 if you wish to do it with a friend) classes before beginning the group classes. This will allow your Clinical Pilates instructor time to focus solely on your technique and concerns, and give you confidence and feedback to ensure you are achieving your best. In these sessions you will learn:

  • Basic anatomy of the spine and stabilising muscles
  • The fundamentals of Pilates
  • How to control and train your core muscles (which support your spine)
  • Simple Pilates exercises which you can practice at home

Individual and group classes are already filling up quick, so book today to achieve your best and get on top of your health. (07) 3880 1649. Discounts are available when booking multiple sessions.

Also, if you are in a private health insurance fund with extras cover, rebates are available on Pilates as well as other services at Scarborough Physiotherapy; including Massage, Orthotics, Gym membership and Psychology.