I’ve just bought my first car, a shiny ’04 Lancer VR-X. Somehow I have managed to last through high school, four years of University and a couple of months of work without having my own set of wheels. Well, kind of. I’ve had my bicycle, which has served me very well over that time, but finally I’ve got myself a car, and will be able to travel that bit further around the Redcliffe Peninsula and up and down the coast. It is all very exciting, but I still plan to be a good example as your Physio by riding my push bike. You can keep me accountable to it!

Aside from helping the planet, riding a bike can have numerous individual benefits. Some of these include improved strength and flexibility, weight loss, better mental health and a greater sense of well being. Not to mention all of the money you can save in fuel and car servicing costs.

I love my new car, but the benefits of riding my bike are much greater. Do you have a bike which is collecting dust and spider webs? Why not pull it out and join me in keeping active when you commute to work, school or to a friend’s house? You might be surprised at what you are capable of, the savings you can make and the health benefits you can obtain.

What if I have not choice but to drive?
Long daily commutes in your car can cause low back and neck pain. If you have no choice but to commute to work in your car and you are suffering from muscle pain and headaches as a result, there is still hope! Clinical Pilates is a contemporary way of exercising which can assist you with this type of pain. Under professional instruction you can learn to align you body with good posture and build tone while relaxing at the same time. For more information or to make a booking, call our friendly staff today on 3880 1649.

Mitchell Hamer APAM