For those of you with school aged kids – there are 3 main reasons you would take your child to see a physio.

1. Injuries – your child hurts themselves, generally in the playground. They are complaining about being in pain. This is not an issue if they stop mentioning it after 2-3 days, but the longer it goes the more you can wonder if they have done something a bit nasty.

2. Growth spurts – when they grow quickly in lat primary or early high school they often complain about sore backs, knees and necks. Sometimes if they grow really quickly their posture suffers. This is a common time that physio can be helpful.

3. Doing more physical activity – this is normally in the form of kids who love sports who compete for school, club and event district all together at once. If you child does more than 3-4 sessions of intense sport a week this is the stage where you need to make sure that their aches and pains are nothing that could cause them issues down the track.

Here at Scarborough Physio and Health we have a new initiative, and this is the first time we are testing it. During school holidays we are offering NO GAP/HALF PRICE consultations, if your child hasn’t been to the clinic before and they come for their appointment during school holidays. To book just call us on 38801649. Bookings are with our 3 main physios – Todd, Jackson and Nick Mascali.

For more details watch this short video here: