Dynamic Tape is the latest in taping technology. It is a specially designed, highly elastic tape which assists with weak or painful movements. Unlike normal rigid tapes, Dynamic Tape is designed to allow full movement while still providing strong support. The unique properties of the tape permit taping which was not previously possible with Kinesio Tape and other tapes. It is not a replacement for these tapes, but rather another clinical tool which we can use to assist you in your rehabilitation or technique correction.

In addition to the normal proprioceptive, circulatory and neurophysiological effects of  normal tapes, Dynamic tape can be used to assist, facilitate or offload painful or weak soft tissues. It is biomechanical approach.

The tape is very soft to touch, comfortable to wear and and extremely conformable. The adhesive is non irritatingnon sensitizing and non toxic, and the material is breathable, so even if you normally react to sports taping, Dynamic Tape may be safe for you to use.

There are many uses for Dynamic Tape, so come in to Scarborough Physiotherapy and ask your physiotherapist how it can be best used to help you perform at your best.