Download the check-in app

We’re using the new Check In Qld app to help keep you COVID safe the next time you visit.

All you need to do is:

✔ download the app 👉👉

✔ enter your details once

✔ open the app when you next visit us

✔ select ‘Check in Now’ and hover your smartphone over our QR code – Done!

Using this digital check-in means your details are stored securely by the Queensland Government for fast COVID-19 contact tracing if needed. #CheckInQld

Scarborough Physiotherapy has been using the app since the covid-19 pandemic began, to help keep you COVID safe.

The Check In Qld app has been developed to help the Queensland Government with contact tracing in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak. The app to help us collect your details quickly, easily and electronically as you arrive. When you next visit, you’ll have the option to register your details using the Check In Qld app.

The Check In Qld app is free, easy to use and convenient.

We need to collect customer details to support the Queensland Government’s contact tracing efforts. The Check In Qld app is a safe, secure and convenient way to do this.

Your details will be stored securely by the Queensland Government for contact tracing only (if required). Scarborough Physiotherapy & Health won’t have access to this information, nor will any third parties. When you sign up to use the Check In Qld app, the app will remember your details, saving you time in the future and providing easy check-in across other Queensland venues using Check In Qld.

The Check In Qld app is voluntary.

Everyone who visits our venue needs to check-in – but you don’t have to use the app. For our customers who don’t have a smartphone or aren’t comfortable downloading apps, we can take your details using another method.

You can download the Check In Qld app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store now – simply search Check In Qld.

The Check In Qld app is compatible with the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPad touch operating iOS 10.0 or later, as well as Android devices using Android 5+. Please visit for step-by-step instructions. Once you’re set up, all you need to do on your next visit is scan the QR code or type in the unique code provided. These will be displayed in our foyer, at the front desk and at the front door. Our team will be here to help if you have any issues.

Everyone in your group needs to have their details registered, including children and infants.

The Check In Qld app allows you to check in multiple people at the same time. For example, if you arrive with family members (who don’t have devices), one person can register themselves on their device and then list additional people (including children) when checking in.

For more information on the app, Frequently Asked Questions and instructional videos, visit – Alternatively, please call the Check In Qld helpline on 134 COVID (13 42 68).


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Find out more about Scarborough Physio and Health

We’re a locally owned and run boutique physiotherapy and multidisciplinary health care clinic on the Redcliffe Peninsula, Queensland.

Here at Scarborough Physio and Health we would love to help you. We have a team of caring and friendly professionals who can help you with any problem in your body which is causing you pain. Scarborough Physio and Health is located at 93 Landsborough Ave Scarborough, on the Scarborough business strip. We have a large, modern and comfortable premises, with plenty of parking available off Bunton St.

Our vision is to make Redcliffe the healthiest and best place to live in Australia 🙂

In your consultation your experienced practitioner will get to know you and understand your unique problem, so we can tailor your treatment to fit in with your lifestyle and your individual circumstances. We do our best to get to the root of what is causing your problem, and we don’t just treat your symptoms. We will give you easy to understand advice, and suggestions for how you can help yourself to get out of pain as quickly as possible.

Our treatments cause very little pain, and most people achieve great results in the first 2-3 treatments.

At Scarborough Physio and Health we love getting to know our patients, helping you understand the problem in your body and how it is affecting you, and helping you achieve results you didn’t think was possible and get back to living the life you deserve. Seeing our patients happy and giving them the feeling of hope and optimism for the future is what drives our team.

When you have a consultation with us we know your time is valuable, so we offer an on time appointment guarantee- if you wait longer than 15 minutes for your Physio, massage or pilates appointment it will be free of charge.


Find us at: Cnr of Landsborough Ave, and Bunton Streets
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Ph: (07) 3880 1649
F: (07) 3203 5100

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