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RunFlex custom orthotic example

RunFlex custom orthotic example

Scarborough Physio and Health prescribes the best custom orthotics on the Redcliffe peninsula. Unlike the old bulky style orthotics that you can’t fit in your shoes and are as hard as a rock, our custom orthotics are manufactured by The Orthotic Group. This means that we have dozens of styles to choose from to suite your lifestyle, activity level, footware and foot type.

How are the orthotics customised for my foot?
We use GaitScan technology to assess your feet. GaitScan is the industry leader in dynamic foot scanning capabilities, and can be used for tailoring specific physiotherapy treatment or orthotic prescription. The scanner produces clear and concise images based on over a million data points, so that your pain or performance can be managed specifically and uniquely.

How do I know if I need orthotics?
We are doing all GaitScan foot assessments for FREE! So, if you are unsure if you need orthotics, or if you just want an opinion for managing your pain, there is no risk. Call us today to make an appointment today, (07)38801649

For any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our footware and orthotics expert: [email protected]